Chi Omega Fraternity Pi Chapter Alumnae

Service. Leadership. Friendship.

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Chi Omega Fraternity Pi Chapter Alumnae

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Service ~ Leadership ~ Friendship

Pi Chapter of Chi Omega was the first sorority at the University or Tennessee. For 118 years, Chi Omegas have shared the bonds of sisterhood while excelling in academics, leadership and service. Chi Omega membership is a strong, lasting tradition that its sisters hold very near to their heart.

There’s Only One Chi Omega

“Many words come to mind as we reflect upon Chi Omega. It’s our passion and our dedication to excellence that positions us as a leader.

Chi Omega is a vibrant bond of sisterhood that reaches beyond the college years and sustains us as we move through the different stages of our lives. Few bonds approach the longevity of our sisterhood.

Our mystique weaves membership into kinship, transcending generations and differences. There’s only one Chi Omega.”

Jane Wickard Rogers, Psi
former Chi Omega Foundation President

Important Facts about Chi Omega

Chi O Nationally: Founded April 5, 1895 at the University of Arkansas.
Pi Chapter: Founded April 15, 1900
Colors: Cardinal and Straw
Mascot: Owl
Flower: White Carnation
Magazine: The Eleusis, mailed 3 times a year to all collegiate and alumnae.
Number of Collegiate Chapters: 181
Newest Chapter: Georgia Southern University
Number of Alumnae Chapters: 246
Number of Initiated Members: Over 362,000+
Number of Living Members: About 235,000
Number of Undergraduate Members: More than 28,000 at any given time.
National Philanthropy: Make a Wish Foundation
Local Philanthropy: Dream Connection